Why are more and more people, when decorating their home windows, choosing louvre-type shading products?


Why are more and more people, when decorating their home windows, choosing louver-type shading products?

    The window area of modern buildings is increasing, and people's demand for indoor light and heat environment is also increasing, so it is necessary to consider shading buildings. Combining the needs of environmental protection and interior decoration, window coverings with aluminum louver have become an integral part of modern decoration.

    There are many products and solutions for aluminum louver. Some of the more common exterior louver products are fixed louver, manual louver, motorized louver, Eco louver, awnings, etc. Interior shading products include motorized louver, roller blinds, shutters, curtains, motorized canopy shades and so on. The application of external shading is relatively same, more outdoor louver shading products. Indoor curtains and shading products are available in hotels, clubs, stadiums, etc., more motorized louver, and more roller commercial plazas, airports, office premises, etc. louvers. Motorized louver gazebos are widely used for awnings.

    Louver products are not only used for shutters in the exterior fixed louver of buildings, but also for motorized louver for indoor use. Motorized louver products have good dimming function and are controlled by the rotation angle of the blades. The sunlight shines into the interior outside of the building, thus achieving fine dimming effect. For outdoor louvers installed outside the building, the shading and heat insulation effect is relatively good and the ventilation can be controlled. In addition to the usual light regulation, interior louver have an aesthetic and decorative effect, and the privacy protection function makes louver more widely used in home windows, hotels and office window coverings.


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