How to choose aluminum ceiling panel


There are many specifications for aluminum buckle panels, including the panel width of the panels, thickness, height of the folded edge, etc. Selection should be based on the characteristics of the room . Aluminum ceiling panel is divided into two kinds of perforated and flat surface. The surface perforation can be ventilated and absorb sound, and a layer of film cushion is laid inside the ceiling panel, and moisture can be absorbed by the film through the perforation, so it is most suitable for the use of kitchen and bathroom with more moisture. On the market, 600mm×600mm aluminum perforated square ceiling panel, C150, C100 strip board and 300×300, 300×600 aluminum buckle board are the most widely used.

The good or bad of aluminum ceiling panel does not all lie in the thin thickness, the key lies in the texture of aluminum, general engineering with aluminum ceiling panel has 0.8 mm, or even thicker, why? Because some projects with a very long lath ceiling panel, in order to prevent deformation, so to use a little thicker, harder, on the contrary, home furnishing with aluminum ceiling panel, rarely more than 4 meters, and aluminum ceiling there is nothing heavy, so, home furnishing aluminum ceiling penal, so to speak, 0.6mm is enough to use. So, why do you go to the building materials market, many salesmen to you that their 0.8 mm products, and friends say that someone introduced him to 0.88 mm; that is often because their material is not good, so they can only take the thickness to lie to customer.

Clearly tell everyone that 0.6mm is enough. To the market fame of an imported brand of aluminum ceiling panel, for example, its price are more than 300 yuan per square meter, but its thickness is how much? 0.5 mm, worse than 0.6 mm! Why, the good or bad of the aluminium panel does not lie in the thickness, but in the substrate. In fact, if you consult the aluminum ceiling panel is the name brand, in terms of mid-range, most of them are 0.6mm.

As for why some brands of 0.8mm are not of good quality, and some low-end brands are made of aluminum materials of pop-up cans. Because of the quality problems of the aluminum materials themselves, they want to make the aluminum ceiling panel very thin, but they can't do it. Because the aluminum materials are not good, the panel can't be thinned evenly, so they can only make it thick.

Therefore, to identify aluminum ceiling panel, in addition to the surface smoothness, but also to observe whether the thickness of the plate is even, with the hand to feel the board, elasticity and toughness is good.

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