powder coated aluminium louvres

  • Aluminum Aeroscreen Louver

    SunKing Aluminum Aeroscreen Louver use high quality 6063 aluminum alloy material, high hardness, strong rigidity, good wind resistance. The louver frame adopts different size part combination, which can be composed of more than 10 different sizes to meet the needs of different customers. Flexible assembling method, convenient installation, can be reassembled to the site, reduce transportation risk and cost. The aluminum plate on the louver surface can be punched, and the design can be customized according to the customer's requirements to achieve the best light transmittance.

    With standardization of manufacture techniques, SunKing Aluminum Aeroscreen Louver have unique design and beautiful appearance, together with practical application. Aluminum Aeroscreen Louver have below Characteristic, Acid-resistant, fire-proof, shock-proof, weather fastness, PVDF coating, durableness. Sunking aluminum Aeroscreen Louver as an exterior protection structure of the modern building, aluminum Aeroscreen Louver is generally accept to apply the electric control system to adjust indoor temperature, decrease the sun ultraviolet radiation and avoid strong sunlight. Save 30% air conditioner energy cost. At the same time, Aluminum Aeroscreen Louver structure makes the building magnificent appearance.

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