custom ceilings

  • Aluminum Custom Ceilings

    With standardization of manufacture techniques, Sunking Aluminum Custom Ceilings have unique design and beautiful appearance, together with practical application.


    Acid-resistant, fire-proof, shock-proof, weather fastness, PVDF coating, durableness.


    - Sunking Aluminum Custom Ceilings s is composed of many order cells with great sense of space, 3D stereo space full of beautiful imagination.

    - Sunking Aluminum Custom Ceilings can be customized, so you can create special, unique model you want.

    - Multiple accessibility options;

    - Easy & fast to install;

    - Sunking Aluminum Custom Ceilings have beautiful appearance, and various colors for choice;

    - Flexible and able to create a seamless transition from ceiling to wall;

    - Fireproof, anti - corrosion, thermo stability and good weather resistance;

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