architectural curtain wall

  • Aluminum Curtain Wall For Exterior Decoration

    With standardization of manufacture techniques, Aluminum Curtain Wall unique design and beautiful appearance, together with practical application.


    Acid-resistant, fire-proof, shock-proof, weather fastness, PVDF coating, durableness.


    - As an exterior protection structure of the modern building, Sunking Aluminum Curtain Wall is Light weight, high strength, Simple structure, the installation is very easy. Sunking Aluminum Curtain Wall is Resist shock, water proof, fireproof, anti-dirt and anti-corrosion, also with best performance in resisting cold and hot.

    - Sunking Aluminum Curtain Wall is easy for clean and maintenance

    - Sunking Aluminum Curtain Wall has excellent rigidity and impact resistance

    - Sunking Aluminum Curtain Wall is gradually developing into the powerful product in building decoration industry, and is widely used interior and exterior curtain wall.

    - Sunking Aluminum Curtain Wall can be 100% recycled, environmentally, unlike glass, stone, ceramics, aluminum composite panel and other decorative materials. Aluminum panel is wise choice of ornament materials.

    - Sunking Aluminum Curtain Wall is flexible processing, the size of plate is customized, it can be easily processed into corner, arch and even double curved sides.

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