What are the advantages and disadvantages of aluminium louvre windows


Aluminium louvre windows are one of the most widely used types of curtains, made in the shape of metal building louvers. Aluminium louvre windows are mainly made of aluminum alloy that is not easy to rust and has the advantages of being lightweight and durable. Metal building louvers are generally divided into single-layer adjustable blinds and double-layer rainproof adjustable blinds.


Advantages of aluminium louvre windows:

1.Aluminium louvre windows have light weight and high strength

Aluminum alloy materials are mostly hollow-core thin-walled composite sections, which are convenient to use and reduce weight. The sections have high bending strength. The doors and windows made are durable and have little deformation.

2.Aluminium louvre windows have beautiful appearance

After the surface of the aluminum alloy is anodized, metal building louvers can appear in various colors and can be selected at will. building louvers will be smooth and shiny after oxidation. The window sash frame is large and can be inlaid with a larger area of glass, allowing sufficient and bright indoor light, enhancing the contrast between the interior and exterior facades, and making the room more layered.

3. Aluminium louvre windows have better sealing

The aluminum alloy itself is easy to extrude, the cross-sectional dimensions of the profile are precise, and the processing is highly accurate. metal building louvers sealing materials with good waterproofness, elasticity, and durability can be selected, such as rubber beading and silicone series sealants. In terms of profiles, various sealing strip fixing grooves have been completed along with the cross-section during the extrusion molding process, creating favorable conditions for installing seam sealing materials.

4. Aluminium louvre windows have strong corrosion resistance

The oxide layer of aluminum alloy generally does not fade, does not fall off, is not easy to be altered, building louvers are easy to maintain, and does not require repairs.


The disadvantages of aluminium louvre windows:

The thermal insulation performance of aluminium louvre windows is not good. If the manufacturer does not handle the surface well, metal building louvers will easily change color. The air-tightness performance is not very good, or air leakage occurs.

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