The performance of the aluminum louver vent is very stable


Aluminum louver vent is mainly used for air supply and return in ventilation and air conditioning systems. aluminum louver vent fresh air intake louvers can be installed directly at the end of the pipe or on the ceiling or wall or door. With the continuous development of science and technology and the rapid economic operation, The demand for aluminum alloy louvered air vents welded structural parts is increasing day by day,research on aluminum alloylouvered air vents weldability has also been in-depth.

The swirling air vents in louvered air vents use the rotation law of the air outlet to send the air out in a spiral shape. This can produce a very high induction ratio, so that the supplied air can quickly mix with the surrounding indoor air. Fresh air intake louvers are different from the traditional, The diffuser is different. The air outlet slots of the swirling air outlet are arranged in a radial direction. The air supply in the air duct is guided by the air outlet slot of the swirling air outlet to form a jet along the tangential direction. The air supply of the entire aluminum alloy louvered air vents is in under the action of multiple jets, a typhoon-like vortex is generated. The middle part of the vortex will form a negative pressure area, inducing the surrounding indoor air to quickly mix with the supply air. The entire supply air flow presents a stable horizontal diffusion flow state, and its induction ratio is 10-20 times that of a conventional diffuser. Aluminum louver vent performance is very stable, aluminum louver vent is applicabe in our lives in very extensive, and louvered air vents have been recognized by many of our new and old customers.

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